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Donate Your Old Running Shoes

Boston ~ Delaware ~ Steamtown

Welcome to the FranksWine.com Marathon team Page. Join fellow winos and runners as we train for a yearly Spring and Fall Marathon while we raise funds for children’s charities… over $121,000 since 2008!

Check the FranksWine.com Marathon Team facebook page for all upcoming races and to follow the progress of the FW.cMT!

This is our 9th Season of drinking, running and raising money for kids... and it gets better every year!

Races and charity are set for the 2016 Season! Frank will be heading up to Hopkinton on Monday, April 18th for the 120th running of the BOSTON MARATHON. The FW.cMT traditionally stays on our home turf each Spring and will do so once again… on Sunday, May 8th we will run the DELAWARE Marathon Running Festival all the way to the FranksWine Champagne Tent at the finish line where the bubbly will flow until the last runner crosses the line! Our Fall marathon is where all the fun starts!! This year we staying kinda local… STEAMTOWN MARATHON in Scranton, PA on Sunday, October 9th! Exceptional Care for Children will be the beneficiary of our fundraising. Our goal is $30,026.20!

Not a Marathoner - yet! - or don’t have the time to train? You DO NOT need to run the full 26.2 to join our team... you may run the Half or even a leg of the Relay at the Delaware Marathon (each team member will need to raise $1,026.20).

All you need to do is send an email to Team Host and Chief Wino Frank Pagliaro Frank@FranksWine.com with your request to join. You must be able commit to raising a minimum of $1,026.20 for Exceptional Care for Children by November 9th, 2016.






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JOIN the FranksWine.com Marathon 2016 Team and make a difference when you run... plus you'll get this cool jacket with your name embroidered on it!


Donate a minimum of $10 to Exceptional Care for Children HERE
and you'll get a bottle of your choice:

26.2 Marathon
13.1 Half Marathon
0.0 for the Non-runner!


Not a Runner?
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Join the Team... check out the benefits!

We'll meet for training runs, preparation races (5K, 5 Miler, 10K, 10 Miler, 1/2 Marathon)
and on race day as we enjoy the mutual support along the course!
Join the FranksWine.com Marathon Team and you'll get:


• Reimbursed entry into the Spring & Fall Marathons
(by way of FranksWine Gift Card!)

• Free FranksWine.com Marathon Team jacket embroidered
with your name (for new team members only!)

• 1/2 Price Bottle of Wine or Growler Fill after every training
run or race you complete with Frank!

• Unlimited 26.2% Off all Wine & Bubbly at FranksWine
thru November 9th, 2016!

• Unlimited 13.1% Off all Dinners and Tasting Events sponsored by
FranksWine thru November 9th, 2016!


You must be able commit to raising a minimum of $1,026.20 for Exceptional Care for Children by November 9th, 2016. We'll set you up with your own online fundraising page and provide an 18-week training program that's individualized for your ability and goals to complete the Marathon. So whether you're a seasoned Marathoner or a first-timer join the FranksWine.com Marathon Team and you'll have all the support (and fun!) along the way... We'll have the corkscrew ready for post-run recovery!

Not a Runner?
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The DELAWARE Marathon course consists of two Half Marathon loops. Both loops take you from the Wilmington Riverfront through beautiful Brandywine Park, along Kentmere and Bancroft Parkways, and through the 40 Acres, Wawaset Park and Little Italy neighborhoods of Wilmington before returning via the Wilmington park system and past Rodney Square.

The 4-person Relay course consists of four loops of 6.55 miles each starting at the Riverfront and running on the Marathon/ Half Marathon course before turning around just after Lovering Avenue on Kentmere Parkway. The 8-person Relay course consists of eight loops of 3.275 miles each starting at the Riverfront and running on the Marathon/ Half Marathon course before turning around at the end of the Market Street bridge.


The STEAMTOWN MARATHON course features a net elevation drop of 955'.

The point-to-point course runs through 14 communities and includes approximately 4.2 miles of paved rails-to-trails along the Lackawanna River. In a Runner’s World online survey completed by thousands of runners, Steamtown was named the 6th best overall marathon. Runner’s World has also named Steamtown one of the nation’s 10 best for first time marathoners.

Steamtown has been consistently ranked as one of the nation’s fastest marathon courses by several running magazines and Web sites. On average, 22% to 25% of Steamtown finishers qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Although Steamtown’s course may be fast, it is not necessarily easy. The significant down hills in the first eight miles tend to beat up your quads making it a challenge to tackle the three notable up hills in the last three miles of the course. The up hills aren’t terribly long (one to four blocks each) or terribly steep, but their locations in the last few miles can take their toll on even the most experienced runners.

FranksWine Teammate Kathy Nguyen’s
Run After Brain Surgery


Read all about it here


CHEERS to Corkscrews & Running Shoes!
Take your old running shoes to #‎FranksWine on North Union Street
to Save & Help & Reduce & Plant & Remove & Re-purpose &...

You’ll get 26.2% Off Wine & Bubbly
and 13.1% Off Beer & Spirits

Old running shoes = a newly planted tree... and discounts on Wine, Beer & Spirits!

Did you know that your old athletic shoes (running & soccer) can be re-purposed into agricultural training, tree nurseries, and much more? A single pair of used athletic shoes can also remove one ton of carbon from the atmosphere, while helping lift an entire family out of poverty. Those dusty shoes in your closet have more power than you know!

The MORE Athletic Shoe Re-purpose Program: We want to help you harness that power by supporting the MORE Foundation Group (a Delaware 501c3 non-profit.) MORE provides used athletic shoes to vendors in Africa. The proceeds enable MORE to send millions of tree seeds and training to the poorest of rural farm families.

Shoes to Trees: Instead of decomposing in landfills, your used athletic shoes can be re-purposed to offset tons of carbon from the atmosphere and regenerate farm land through agro-reforestation. Get all the facts at MOREFoundationGroup.org

FranksWine.com Marathon Team... We Run for Wine & Kids Charities!

#‎FranksWine #‎OneCoolWineShop


Upcoming Races on the Calendar

***RUN THESE RACES with the
FranksWine.com Marathon Team
and Get Free Wine!

Check the FranksWine.com Marathon Team facebook page for all upcoming races and team results!




Previous Marathons

Monday, April 20th
Boston Marathon

Sunday, May 10th
Delaware Marathon

Sunday, October 18th
Detroit Marathon

Monday, April 21st
Boston Marathon

Sunday, May 11th
Delaware Marathon

Sunday, October 12th
Chicago Marathon

After running Boston solo Frank joined the FranksWine.com Marathon Team for Delaware & Chicago and together the 11 of us raised $29,403 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Monday, April 15th 2013
Boston Marathon

Sunday, May 12th ~
Delaware Marathon

Saturday, December 7th
Rehoboth Beach Marathon

After running Boston solo Frank joined the FranksWine.com Marathon Team for Delaware & Rehoboth and together the 14 of us
raised $7,958.46 for Chester County Futures!

Sunday, September 30th, 2012
Wine Glass Marathon
FranksWine.com Marathon Team was a success all around... together our team of 19 wine-drinking runners raised $15,232 for Girls on the Run of Delaware!

Sunday, May 13th, 2012
Delaware Marathon
Was our 1st TEAM Spring Marathon! All runners were rewarded at the Finish Line with a medal AND entry into the FranksWine Champagne Tent... a huge hit for everyone!

Sunday, October 2, 2011
Twin Cities Marathon
FranksWine.com Marathon Team
was again THE TOP fundraising team raising a total of $12,365.00 for The Children's Tumor Foundation!

Saturday, October 16th, 2010
Baltimore Running Festival
FranksWine.com Marathon Team
of 8 was the TOP fundraising team raising a total of $14,790.60 for Johns Hopkins Children's Center!

Marine Corps Marathon
St Jude Children's Research Hospital
FranksWine.com Marathon Team
ran The Marine Corps Marathon.  Our team of 9 was the TOP fundraising team raising a total of $23,571.20

New York City Marathon
Team for Kids
Frank ran the marathon solo and raised $4,085.00





It's all about the kids!

This beautiful group of kids are all cancer survivors. Last month they shined as they strutted down a fashion runway at the Chase Center on the Wilmington Riverfront for an annual fundraiser. I was privileged enough to be a part of that day.

These heroes and their families have spent countless hours and many sleepless nights at Nemours Children Hospital. I can't even imagine.



As many of you know each year I gather up a group of wine-drinking runners to train for a Fall marathon while raising funds for a children's charity. I pick a different Marathon and a different charity each year... for 2015 I chose Kids Runway for Research which is a Delaware non-profit all-volunteer run organization that spreads awareness about the importance of Pediatric Cancer Research and raises money for the Nemours Pediatric Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

The FranksWine.com Marathon Team has raised over $12,000 for Kids Runway for Research... and over $120,000 for children's charities since 2008!

(Stacie Maheurin, Ryan German, Van Olmstead, Mark Miller,
Ed "Boxcar" Hospodar, Betty Olmstead, and Frank Pagliaro)

We started in May with most of us running the ½ Marathon at the Delaware Marathon Running Festival where our team and the crew at FranksWine on North Union Street hosted a Champagne Tent at the Finish Line! The highlight of that May 10th day was that our very own beer geek from the shop ran her first ½ Marathon... congrats again Stacie!

Next up was DETROIT! Our group was small last weekend due to injuries to some of our runners, and just life in general which got in the way for a few others. Betty and Van did the International ½ Marathon and Ryan and I did the full. You know Ryan German from Caffé Gelato in Newark where we host many dinners/tastings throughout the year.

The 7 AM start of the race was dark as night and a crisp 32º. I knew that Ryan was going to lineup with the 3:10 pace group so I went there to look for him and wish him good luck. I never found him. The gun went off and as 27,000+ runners headed towards the Ambassador Bridge to cross into Canada it started to snow! Perfect.

The crowd support was great at the start and a few other points along the course, but otherwise it was pretty desolate until a mile or so before the finish. I thought I spotted Ryan at one point around mile 16, but it was his brother Micah who also ran. I even saw Ryan's wife Shannon when we were running out of Belle Isle Park.

But still no sign of Ryan.

Then just as I was approaching the Finish Line I spot Ryan and managed to somehow sprint up to him, put my hand on his back, and crossed the finish line together! That's just kinda crazy...


Huge fist bump to the super friendly people of Detroit! After the Marathon I started out at Slows Bar BBQ in Corktown for great food and a few pints. While waiting for my Uber car to arrive to take me back to the hotel to nap for a few hours, I got dragged into this dive bar - LJ's - by a local who said "hey marathoner, get in here I wanna buy you a drink!" Four hours later I found myself still hanging out with the coolest group of strangers I've ever met: a nurse, a FedEx driver, a mason, a chef, social worker, a lawyer, an IT girl, and Larry in the red jacket who was a Detroit fireman for 37 years.


Leaving there to meet up with the rest of the team was hilarious... Hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, exchanging of business cards and numbers... you would've thought I knew these guys my whole life! Each of them thanked me for bringing my team to Detroit... I thought that was pretty cool. They called me "Philadelphia Frank".

Then I met the cool owners Dave and Melissa at Motor City Wine... I've never seen such an eclectic group of people all hodgepodged in one spot: hipsters, professionals, white, black, twentysomethings, sixtysomethings, all obviously from different walks of life... all locals dancing up a storm on the same dance floor to the same music! Outside on the patio was a totally different vibe with everyone sitting around a fire pit drinking great wine out of rocks glasses. Met a couple of really cool Canadian dudes. Up since 4 AM I finally made it back to my hotel room at 1 AM, best 21 hours in a marathon city I've ever spent!

Go to Detroit!


"Boston Marathon 2014"

In 2014 Frank kicked off the season and ran BOSTON on Monday, April 21st... Next up the entire team ran the Delaware Marathon Running Festival on Sunday, May 11th. Then on October 12th the 11 of us headed out to the mid-West for the Chicago Marathon! The 2014 children's charity which benefitted from our grueling training was the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
We raised a total of $29,403!!


When our bus pulled up at 6:15am there was already a lot flurry in the sleepy town of Hopkinton as I'm sure many of you saw on CNN (I was looking for Anderson Cooper to throw him a baba booey, but no luck) or one of the other hundred news stations that were set up all around this tiny New England village. After last year's nonsense as the race clock hit that dreaded 4:09:43 it appeared that the whole world was watching this stage on this very day.

Waiting around for 4 hours for the race to start was torturous, but at least I was in porto-potty heaven. This was my 11th marathon and 2nd Boston and in those races I was still soundly asleep those 4 hours before the start. But at least I had my choice of relief to settle my nerves.


I knew that big marathons would never be the same after last year, but the sight of every athlete getting "wanded" by US Marshalls as they entered their corral seemed a bit over-the-top. I guess that'll be the new norm...


Finally at 10:20am the gun for Wave 2 goes off and immediately I look down at my Garmin watch to check my pace. I wanted to be conservative at the start so I wouldn't crash and burn on the infamous Newton hills like I did last year. It wasn't until around mile 3 when I finally took notice of the thick crowd of spectators screaming at the top of their lungs with their hands extended wanting a little love from each runner that passed by. Until that time I was trying to get into my zone with arms tucked closely to my side, concentrate on my breathing and have Coldplay, U2, The Stones and others on my iPod take me to the finish.

Then I realized where I was.

This was the Boston after last year's horrific Boston.

These million+ spectators came out in droves with their children, spouses and best friends and lined the 26.2 mile course to cheer me on and I'm in my own zone? I ripped out my earbuds and threw them off to the side. I made my way over to the curb and ran with my left arm up slapping as many hands as possible. When that arm tired I zig-zagged my way over to the other side and raised my right arm high-5ing kids, grandmothers, drunks, police (that really got the crowd riled up!) and anyone else who wanted some love.

I pretty much did everything a marathoner shouldn't do: zig-zag the course, ignore their pace, and exert unnecessary energy. But I didn't care. This was the first race I can ever remember where I wasn't constantly looking at my pace watch.


I was wearing a yellow
Delaware Running Co singlet and all I heard for the next 20+ miles was "go Delaware", "looking strong Delaware", "you rock Delaware"... even heard a "go Dewey Beach" and "Joe Biden sucks" along the way!

Not only was the crowd giving out shouts of encouragement I was pretty much being an amenities whore grabbing everything from M&M's to orange slices - freeze pops to cold sponges - tissues to Twizzlers - Vaseline to hand-made blue & yellow rubber band bracelets - water bottles to red Solo cups of beer! I represented Delaware well each time I grabbed a beer... the buzzed Boston College frat boys yelled in unison "DELAWAAAAARE!"


The crowd kept me going and when I hit those Newton hills I blew by dozens of runners who were walking... the screams seemed louder. But nothing was louder than the infamous Tunnel of Scream from those boy-crazy Wellesley College girls begging for kisses. I didn't stop, but my pace slowed to assure that I gave attention to each and every one of them;-)

When I saw mile marker 25 I actually felt bummed that my incredulous Boston experience was about to end in 8 minutes. I slowed my pace even more to make it last longer. When I finally turned left onto Boyleston Street towards Copley Square I saw the exact spot where the 2nd bomb went off which killed 3 innocent people... and there in that exact spot I saw people shouting their support with their fists pumping in the air. I cut across and jumped up on the curb inches from the barricade and ran the last .2 with both arms in the air through the hands of a thousand Bostonians.


I jumped across the Finish Line looked back and screamed "THANK YOU!"

See you next year, Boston...


"Back from Boston Safely 2013"

Channel 3

Delaware Online

Matt Dunn (left) of Trappe, Md., and Frank Pagliaro of Kennett Square, Pa.,
look at the Boston Globe newspaper Tuesday after arriving back in Delaware
at the New Castle Airport from the Boston Marathon a day after the bombing.

Boston... From Running Shoes To Corkscrews
And A Lot Of Senseless Bullshit In Between


At this moment I am sitting on a bus with the Delaware Sports Club headed back to Wilmington from my first Boston Marathon. As I thumb through the Boston Globe I look forward to reading about the race and the day's winners. Instead I see nothing but horrifying pictures of bloodshed and chaos. Not a winning smile on these pages.

I want to remember the day by the pictures shown above: Happily awaiting the start in Hopkinton with tons of nervous excitement; and the end of the day in Natick with running friends celebrating with wine.

That is not realistic.

What keeps popping in my head are the thousands of spectators along yesterday's 26.2 mile course cheering me on... "GO DELAWARE!" was what I heard over and over as they read my bright yellow Delaware Running Company singlet. The excitement was infectious. Sad when I think if any of the 144 injured or 3 dead shouted to me... or if I slapped their hand as I approached the final few hundred yards of the race.

Fortunately I finished about 35 minutes before the explosions, and I was about 3 blocks away at that time where our bus was parked. I didn't hear either boom, only the sound of sirens for hours after them.

We waited for hours at the bus for a few guys in our group who didn't make it to the finish before the race was halted. They came back one by one with their own story... we gave them hugs and high-fives. It was a relief when we finally pulled up to the hotel. I didn't know the severity of the goings-on until we got back to our hotel in Natick, about 16 miles from Boyleston Street.

All 28 of us went out as a group for dinner but not much was said about the explosions... I think we were all just too damn disgusted with it. Instead we focused on our group captain, Doug White, who at 71 years old ran his 40th consecutive Boston! His family and many of his old-timer running buddies roasted him at dinner. It was a great way to end such a chaotic day.

When I got back to the hotel I spent over an hour responding to the hundreds of Facebook posts from my friends and family letting me know of their relief that I was okay. Thank you all for reaching out to me; I've never felt such a spread of love:-)

We're about 3 1/2 hours away from the New Castle County Airport where we'll all get into our cars and go our own separate ways. I didn't know many runners on this bus when I got on, but I know I'll be lacing up with many of them soon.

At this point I look forward to hugging my daughters and kissing my wife... glad they didn't make it to Boston this year. Sad that I feel that way.

Frank Pagliaro



On September 30th, 2012 the FranksWine.com Marathon Team ran the Wineglass Marathon in New York's Finger Lakes region this past Sunday. It was a success all around... together our team of 19 wine-drinking runners raised $15,232 for Girls on the Run of Delaware!


I finally got the BQ monkey off my back and nailed my qualifying time to run in the Boston Marathon... Kathy Nguyen hit her planned sub-4 hour... Leisa Campbell ran a PR... Chris Linzey successfully ran his first Marathon... and Betty Olmstead ran the Half in her planned time. In other words the FranksWine.com Marathon Team kicked some serious Corning glASS!



May 13, 2012 was our 1st TEAM Spring Marathon! The beauty of the Delaware Marathon Running Festival is that we had our choice of races depending on our running ability and training: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 4-person Relay and 8-person Relay. A few of us were fit and ready to pounce the streets of Wilmington for 26.2 miles (CONGRATS to Krista Lauterwald and Brian Louis!); most of us planned on using the 1/2 (CONGRATS to Matt Mascitti, Betty Olmstead and Frank Pagliaro!) or the 4-person Relay (CONGRATS Leisa Campbell, Kathy Nguyen, and Carla Pastore!) as a stepping-stone to our Fall Marathon... the camaraderie of the FranksWine.com Marathon Team kept us going! All runners were rewarded at the Finish Line with a medal AND entry into the FranksWine Champagne Tent... a huge hit for everyone!





It was a picture perfect day for the 30th running of the "Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America" on Sunday, October 2nd! The FranksWine.com Marathon Team started out with 6 runners back in January, but injuries, obligations and time constraints sidelined half the team by the summer just as our 18-week training schedule kicked in. On Marathon Sunday just before 8am - 45 degrees, cloudless and zero humidity! - Bobby Lougheed, Troy Brady and myself lined up at the start of the Twin Cities Marathon ready to trek 26.2 miles from the Metrodome in Minneapolis to the State Capitol in St Paul. The crowd support was awesome from the start to the finish... I thought only New York could pull that off!

Locals from MN pictured with Bobby (#9094) and Frank (#8551)

As many of you know the FranksWine.com Marathon Team runs with a purpose. I gather up fellow winos and runners and we train for a yearly Fall Marathon while we raise funds for various children's charities. Each year I choose a different city and charity (2012 TBD, suggestions are welcome!)... since 2008 we've run NYC, Marine Corps, Baltimore, Twin Cities and have raised over $55,000! The Children's Tumor Foundation was the benefitting organization for our fundraising efforts in 2011 and together we raised over $12,000! Sunday night we raised our glasses and made a toast to all of you who so kindly donated... we genuinely appreciate your support.


Frank, Bobby & Troy

Even though our team was small this year The Children's Tumor Foundation was ecstatic by our fundraising which by the way wraps up on November 2nd, so there's still time to contribute! I really admire Bobby and Troy who both trained for their first Marathon in the summer heat and humidity, and at the same time were able to focus on seeking contributions. Bobby gets a special shout out for his determination to cross the finish line even though his IT band popped at mile 16... he ran, jogged, walked and hobbled over the last 10.2 miles. A DNF never crossed his mind... he was in it for the bling!


If you are interested in joining the FranksWine.com Marathon Team...
We'll meet for training runs, preparation races (5K, 10K, 10 Miler, 1/2 Marathon) and on race day as we enjoy the cameraderie along the course!

Join the FranksWine.com Marathon Team and you'll get:

* Free entry into the TBD 2012 Fall Marathon
* Free
FranksWine.com Marathon Team long-sleeve technical running shirt
* Free bottle of wine after every long run or preparation race you complete with Frank!
* Unlimited 25% Off all Wine at Frank's Union Wine Mart thru day after Marathon
* Unlimited 15% Off all Wine Dinners and Wine Tasting Events sponsored by Frank's
Union Wine Mart thru day after Marathon

All you need to do is send an email to Team Host and Chief Wine Frank Pagliaro Frank@FranksWine.com with your request to join... and you must be able commit to raising a minimum of $1,026.20 for the TBD children's charity. We'll set you up with your own online fundraising page and provide an 18-week training program that's individualized for your ability and goals to complete the Marathon. So whether you're a seasoned Marathoner or a first-timer join the FranksWine.com Marathon Team and you'll have all the support (and fun!) along the way!



Baltimore Running Festival Recap!

This past Saturday, October 16th The FranksWine.com Marathon Team ran the streets of Baltimore!  Myself (didn't qualify for Boston this round, but PR'd with a 3:40... woo hoo!), Allen Cartwright (all jacked up on Vivarin!), John Bell (who ran his 95th Marathon!) battled the winds for 26.2 miles... Pat Travis, CarolAnn Pampuch (who both ran their 1st 13.1miler!), Misty White (who flew in from Kansas!), Bill Galbraith (from Bouchaine Vineyards and will be pouring at the shop next weekend!) and Mary Harmon (who also PR'd!) all crushed the 1/2 Marathon.  Special mention to Sharon Caffrey who trained with us but an injury set her back and will be running Baltimore's 26.2  next year & to Ellyn Censurato who had a conflict and will be running Philly Marathon on November 21st... and to Stephan Fuchs who represented the shop and ran the 1/2 "bandit" (or did a strong gust of wind blow the race bib off his shirt?... yeah, that's it!)  

Together we raised $14,790.60 for Johns Hopkins Children's Center/Sadie's Gift  which made us the TOP Fundraising Team!!  Thank you to all who supported our Team and this great cause... we all greatly appreciate it.



  Marine Corps Marathon recap!
October 25th, 2009
The sun was shining brightly over our nations capital on Marathon Sunday.  The temperature was a perfect 53 at the sound of the cannon.  The FranksWine.com Marathon Team of 9 had spent months training while raising over $21,420 for the Kids of St Jude Children's Research Hospital. Thousands of US Marines lined the streets cheering us on, but the one that meant the most to me was Officer Carlos who put the bling around my neck at the finish line!
  Marine Marathon  
  My hope to qualify for Boston diminished as the week grew near to Sunday.  I was at the tail end of a nasty virus and in hindsight probably shouldn't have run it.  Just two days prior I had secured an available bib for the November 22nd Philadelphia Marathon, and I was planning on not running DC which would have given me another month to recoup and be fully prepared.   However, Philly officials wouldn't allow the bib to be transferred into my name. So, I realized it was going to be a game-day decision for me to run on Sunday.  I woke up feeling great pumped with all those endorphins and nervous excitement, so I made my way to the start line.  The first 10 miles I was on pace to run a PR of 3:30, but by the halfway point my body was telling me I wasn't quite ready to continue the push.  At that point I was ready to throw in the towel.  My pace dropped dramatically by mile 17 as my knees were screaming for me to stop, and my knees NEVER hurt.  I spent the last 9 miles running, walking, running, stretching, running, cursing, running.  I've never been so relieved to see mile 26... I gave a final strong push up the hill towards the finish line at the Iwo Jima Memorial. OohRah!  I ended up finishing in 4:26:28, an hour beyond my game-day goal, and an hour and six minutes beyond my qualifying time for Boston... ugh!  
  Frank   As I walked down the stairs backwards this morning feeling the crushing pain in my quads and calves I wondered which city I would hit next to qualify....Thank you once again to each and every one of you who made a contribution to St Jude on my behalf!  


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