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This Weekend!


On Saturday & Sunday from 12noon to 4pm we'll be popping some great Italian juice and pairing them up with a spread of DiBruno Bros cheeses, salumi, crostini, spreads and flatbreads fresh from South Philly's Italian Market... join us for this FREE, casual, informative, and gluttonous afternoon right here on North Union Street!

Featured Weekend Wines: Masseria Surani of Puglia
WITH Brian Growney!

Arthemis 2013 Fiano - Chardonnay
Ares 2012 Cabernet - Negroamaro- Primitivo
Heracles 2012 Primitivo

Pierangelo Tomassi of Masseria Surani takes
you through our weekend lineup!

The iconic Tommasi Family of the Veneto with their passion for wine and desire to discover and select the very best in Italian vineyards has taken them to Puglia. 195 acres of land have been purchased in Manduria, in the Salento area. One of the finest zones for the cultivation of the Primitivo grape, where viticulture has extremely ancient origins, dating all the way back to the time of 8th Century BC Ancient Greece. The wines take inspiration from this land and its history, and are all named after Greek Gods.

Photo caption translates to...
wines kissed by a land blessed by the gods

The property, which lies about 4 miles from the Ionian coast, also includes a manor house, called a "Masseria", dating back to the early 1900s, a typical complex of agricultural buildings which originally acted as an organizational center for all of the farming operations. After refurbishment the Masseria today (pictured above, not too shabby!) houses a winery of 7,500 square feet complete with vinificatlon and maturation facilities.

Arthemis 2013 Fiano - Chardonnay
Regularly Priced at $19.99
$12.99 with 12-pack Purchase!


90% Fiano ~ 10% Chardonnay

Fiano is a dry white wine (I mention this because Fiano can be found produced as semi-sweet or sweet wine), medium-bodied and typically the color of summer straw with a persistent nose and rich palate. The wine's flavor / aromatic profile is pretty complex: pears, white peaches, tropical fruit, hazelnuts, white flowers, herbs and honey appear as do highlights of oranges, smoke, or sea salt that seem to glide above delicious minerality and acidity... the 10% Chardonnay does a fine job of rounding it all out.

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Ares '12 Primitivo - Negroamaro - Cabernet
Regularly Priced at $19.99
$14.49 with 12-pack Purchase!


50% Primitivo ~ 30% Negroamaro ~ 20% Cabernet

Negroamaro is the most important red grape grown in Puglia, and I've heard enologists say that over 80% of Puglia's grapevines are Negroamaro which demonstrates the region's terroir better than any other because it is native to Puglia It has been celebrated in the region for thousands of years, and winemakers in the region have developed a particular style. As for flavor profile, wines made with Negroamaro are light to medium bodied, with sun-soaked fruit that can be dried, dark, and bright all at the same time, and the mouthfeel is striking: it feels, at times, like you're drinking silk. Other common flavors are smoke, plum, and herbs.

Add that grape to Primitivo aka Zinfandel and a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon and you seriously have a near perfect red wine to WOW your guests' and your own palate! Big rich and lush this massive wine explodes in the glass with gobs of black fruit and sweet spice... love this wine!

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Heracles 2012 Primitivo
Regularly Priced at $24.99
$17.99 with 12-pack Purchase!


100% Primitivo

Fermentation takes place for 12 days in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The wine is then matured for about 10 months in large Slavonian oak casks. The Tommasi family has long been a proponent of large Slavonian oak barrels, and in their initial experiments have found that Primitivo has a great affinity for this maturation. They believe that this neutral handling helps in showcasing the rich fruit of the wines while maintaining balance and spicy, savory characteristics.

This Primitivo comes right at you with huge inky black fruit, spice and white pepper. Layered and rich in the mouth with jammy black cherries, truffles, espresso and a dense, creamy texture. Always in the background are hints of earth and minerals from the ancient sea beds that are the Puglia terroir. The Primitivo is always a go-to wine; it works with almost any food, and is great all by itself.

FranksWine SURANI 12-pack Sampler Case!
You Get 4 Bottles of Each Wine for Only $179.99!!
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