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Chilling out in Santa Barbara!



noun | con•sil•ience | \kən-ˈsil-yən(t)s\

Definition of CONSILIENCE:
the linking together of principles from different disciplines especially when forming a comprehensive theory

I don't know. That's pretty out there. Certainly doesn't sound too chill to me. Even that logo is a little psychedelic. Actually, I'm thinking this foursome has smoked a little too much Santa Barbara sumpin sumpin.

Brett & Monica Escalera ~ Jodie & Tom Daughters

1997, four friends sat around a table to hold a blind vote on a name for their new venture, a winery. It had to be perfect. It had to immediately evoke the meaning and feeling of their dream. It had to be the payoff for a lot of hard work and planning - kind of like christening a boat's first sail.

The vote came down to a final four names. The friends looked at each other, scribbled their choice on a piece of paper, and put them all in a hat. The vote came back unanimous: Consilience.

Consilience. Say it a few times to yourself. It is a word that rolls off the tongue melodically and feels familiar. However, it is not familiar to the modern world. In fact, it is an old world scientific term that has long since been out of use - until now.

Consilience, in a nutshell, means "unity of knowledge".


Brett Escalera is the winemaker for Consilience. He comes well-equipped for the job too, because he "daylights" as the winemaker for Fess Parker. With Fess Parker since 1996, Brett has learned the skills it takes to be a winemaker for a large production winery making hundreds of thousands of cases and what it means to make his personal label at a mere total of 4,000 cases. Brett handles both with ease although they are very different, "The biggest difference is when you are small, what you bring in is all you've got. There is no room for error. You've got to be careful. When you make wine for a larger facility, you have more options. You can cherry pick."

Consilience has a nice line up of wines now although they started with only one varietal, Zinfandel, in 1997. Brett remembers, "Our first vintage, the Zin came in from Contra Costa county and it was super ripe. I didn't think I could make the kind of zin I wanted to, so I made a Zin Port."


Brett's style of winemaking is three-fold: express the land, impress the fans, and keep the prices reasonable. He has achieved all three. He loves to talk about the style, the creation and what people are really looking for in the wine they drink. It might be that it is his way of creating a forum for wine drinkers to get what they are looking for by talking about what they like - in other words, a unified thought or in one word: Consilience.


Laura Lamprecht from Specialty Wines introduced me to Consilience 10 years ago. I've been buying wine from her company for almost 3 decades and she continues to be in the hot seat when it comes to representing all the cool "garagiste" producers from California. She'll be here at FranksWine on Saturday spewing her wealth of knowledge about the wineries in her portfolio.


This Saturday from 11AM - 3PM Laura will be here on North Union Street pouring this Rhone-inspired trio paired up with cheeses & charcuterie from our DiBruno Bros section and dark chocolate from our Ethereal Confections lineup. The FranksWine Crew will do the same on Sunday from 12noon - 4pm... of course it FREE, we're cool like that.


We love good stuff here on North Union Street.

Can't make it to the shop?
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Consilience 2012 SB County Grenache
Regularly Priced at $24.99
$16.67 with 6-pack Sampler Case Purchase!


Take your palate on a trip of flavors and spices with this 14.5% ABV Grenache! With aromatics of dried herbs, rose petals, and baking spices followed by flavors of red cherries and smoked meat, you can easily enjoy this wine on many occasions and foodstuffs.

Pairs well with BBQ ribs, Gorgonzola Dulce from our DiBruno Bros section and THIS dark chocolate bar from our Ethereal Confections cabinet... or even a quinoa salad mixed with red and yellow peppers, onions, cilantro, black beans, and a hint of lemon olive oil.

Aged 19 months in French and American oak. 1,630 cases produced. Ridiculously good juice.

Consilience 2013 SB County Viognier
Regularly Priced at $24.99
$16.67 with 6-pack Sampler Case Purchase!



Fresh island scents with hints of orange blossom wash over the senses while intense tropical flavors engulf the palate. Hints of pineapple and melon mix with soft acidity for a refreshing and lingering finish.

Grab a wedge of Pittig 6 Year Gouda from our DiBruno Bros section or THIS dark chocolate bar from our Ethereal Confections cabinet! Perfect with ceviche garnished with cilantro and homemade tortilla chips or ahi tuna and a light pasta salad mixed with fresh peppers, onion and celery.

Barrel aged for 10 months in older neutral French oak. 1,162 cases produced. Big heady white at 14.5% ABV, but don't be scared... you can do it.

Consilience 2012 Santa Barbara Syrah
Regularly Priced at $24.99
$16.67 with 6-pack Sampler Case Purchase!


The Syrah continues to be the Consilience showstopper! Blended with 12% Grenache and 4% Cabernet Sauvignon the 2012 vintage exhibits sweet scents of tobacco, a rich cherry and dark plum flavor and has subtle tannin structure and light smokiness.

Predominantly from Santa Barbara's famed Estelle Vineyards, this is an approachable wine and crowd pleaser.

A lovely weekday wine to wind down with, or enjoy a simple burger or a filet. Great match with Stilton Reserve from our DiBruno Bros section and it's heaven with THIS dark chocolate bar from our Ethereal Confections cabinet!

Aged for 19 months in 86% French, 10% American and 4% Hungarian oak barrels. 4,024 cases produced.

FranksWine CONSILENCE 6-pack Sampler!
You Get 2 Bottles of Each Wine for Only $99.99!!
You Save $49.95... That's 33% Off!!!
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I'm sure your've heard!


In my 29 years of business I've never seen a product spawning so much excitement and attention. It seems like every other phone call we've gotten the last three weeks is "do you guys have any Not Your Father's Root Beer?" Just for the record yes we do, but that is not the purpose of my email.

I'm sure every retailer in Delaware and every employee at Standard Distributing Company from driver to sales rep to management to order department will agree when I say that this product is a big freakin' headache! We get it in and it's gone before you know it... and then the phone starts ringing.

And it keeps ringing.

If you haven't had it, it is definitely worth seeking... that is if you're a root beer fan. I'd say it's a pretty fantastic root beer, but actually a terrible tasting beer if that's what you're expecting.

A few weeks ago I hosted a Root Beer Float tasting here at FranksWine on North Union Street... and you loved it!

Tomorrow from 4:30pm - 7:30pm we'll be hosting a "Fuck Your Daddy's Root Beer" tasting. This brilliant cocktail was concocted by FranksWine's very own Pat Travis, C.S.

It's a blend of Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur and A&W Root Beer... and it'll make you happier than a bottle of Not Your Father's Root Beer.

Pat guarantees it!

We hope you stop in for a taste. Of course it's free, we're cool like that.







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