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Oldie but goodie!


It seems that every week we hear about a winery that has been sold to some massive company for millions of dollars and we think - wouldn’t it be nice to be one of those guys. That being said, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find high quality, family-owned wineries that, most importantly, have some sort of historical significance in the wine industry. Lucky for us, all of that can be found in Heitz Cellars of California.

As most of our customers know, we are the first to toss the idea of brand loyalty in favor of the new, the interesting, the exotic, and the exciting. We haven’t carried Heitz wines in quite a few years and every now and then they’ll come in conversation while we’re tasting through some other outstanding California wines. After tasting through a line up of their wines this winter we knew we absolutely had to bring them back! And knowing how incredible these wines are, we want to open the whole line-up and let you judge for yourself. They say the proof is in the pudding, in this case, it’s at the bottom of a bottle of wine... so grab your favorite corkscrew and let’s get ready to
chug-a-lug some Heitz!


Some quick history...

Alice and Joe Heitz purchased their first vineyard in 1961. Once upon a time, Joe was destined to become a veterinarian, and although the animal lover in me can’t even begin to image what he would have done for that particular field, what he did for California wine is nothing to scoff at. After changing his mind about working with animals, Joe got a Master’s Degree in enology at UC Davis, worked alongside the legendary Andre Tchelistcheff of Beaulieu Vineyards,and started the Enology Department at Fresno State. He did all of that, and then he went on to create one of the great icon wines of California! And now, his son, David Heitz, runs the winery with his wife, which has grown to over 1,100 acres. Sadly Joe is no longer with us, but his wife Alice continues to consult with the winery while her son and grandson have kept the dream going for 57 years.

Heitz original barrel cellar built in 1898

In 1965 Alice and Joe started a partnership with Tom and Martha May of Oakville, California. The wine that was created from that partnership would forever cement the Heitz name in the history books of wine and in the minds of wine consumers the world over.

In 1999 Wine Spectator picked 12 wines for their Wines of the Century issue; Heitz 1974 Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet was on that list. For some context, other wines deemed worthy of such a prestigious title included Chateau Petrus, Penfolds Grange, Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, and 1921 Chateau D’Yquem, incredible company for a California wine with less than 40 vintages to show. For 52 years now, Martha’s Vineyard has been the flagship of Heitz Cellars.


Scott Biggs won’t be pouring Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday from 11:30AM - 3:30PM but he’s bringing the Heitz essentials below! The FranksWine crew will pour the same lineup on Sunday from 12noon - 4PM!

We’ll have a nice spread of DiBruno Bros cheeses and charcuterie to go along with these iconic wines here on North Union Street... and it’s FREE! Yup, we’re cool like that.

FranksWine HEITZ 6-pack Sampler Case!

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Heitz Cellars 2015 Sauvignon Blanc
Regularly Priced at $26.99
$20.99 with 6-pack purchase!


The Sauvignon Blanc captures the liveliness of the grape with its bright, crisp flavors. Refreshing and light, this wine has the joie de vivre to make every occasion a bit more exciting.

Heitz Cellars 2015 Chardonnay
Regularly Priced at $34.99
$27.29 with 6-pack purchase!


The Heitz name is the deeply ingrained in the culture of Cabernet connoisseurs that some people are surprised to discover that Heitz has been making Chardonnay since the wineries founding. The 2015 Chardonnay has a classic, lively fruitiness and richness on the palate that captures the essence of the varietal.

Heitz Cellars 2014 Grignolino

Regularly Priced at $29.99
$23.39 with 6-pack purchase!


Previous owner of the Heitz’s original vineyard, Leon Brendel, christened the property “The One & Only”, an homage to the only varietal he planted - Grignolino, often referred to as ‘the little strawberry’ in its native Italy. Heitz’s Grignolino lives up to its namesake with intensely aromatic strawberry, lychee, and peach aromas - California’s own Beaujolais.

Heitz Cellars 2013 Cabernet Sauv
Regularly Priced at $64.99
$50.69 with 6-pack purchase!


From the quality of their fruit to the execution of every detail in the cellar, Heitz sets the highest standard for Napa Valley Cabernet. Superbly crafted from estate-grown grapes, their Cabernet is consistently noted for its incredibly flavor that exemplifies the 100% varietal wine.

Heitz Cellars 2013 Zinfandel
Regularly Priced at $34.99
$27.29 with 6-pack purchase!


The Heitz Zinfandel is a medium-bodied wine that delivers the unadulterated characteristics of the varietal. Marvelously balanced and softly rounded, the delicious core of wild berry flavors picks up a touch of spice before building to an elegant finish.

Heitz Cellars Ink Grade Port
Regularly Priced at $24.99
$19.49 with 6-pack purchase!


Inspired by his travels to Portugal, David Heitz planted eleven indigenous Portugal varietals in the early 90’s. In the 1994 Heitz introduced Ink Grade Port, an American take on a classic dessert wine with amazingly smooth, rich flavor.

FranksWine HEITZ 6-pack Sampler Case!
You get 1 Bottle of Each Wine for Only $169.99!!
You Save $46.95... That’s 22% Off!!!
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