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Most Pinot Grigio just ain't all that.


Poor old Pinot Grigio:-(

Being an obliging and productive old fruit he has fallen in with some rather undesirable types. She's been compared to the Coors Light of the wine world. I like to say that Pinot Grigio is the Coldplay of white wine - blandly industrial stuff with an inexplicably wide appeal.

When it comes to Italian white wines, if Pinot Grigio is the first thing that you think of, you are not alone. It's that country's most popular white, and understandably so. Millions of cases are imported into the United States each year and they range in quality from just so-so to some pretty freakin' bangin' juice... like these below.


The most polite thing we could say of the wines as a group is that they are "delicate." I have nothing against delicate wines. Actually, I'd venture to say that I probably drink more delicate white wines than anything else. Enough with the rich, warm, dense and heavy fruit bombs that round up the highest point scores and the most lavish praise among the more influential wine critics. They also tend to win the highest awards at competitions. "Delicacy" merely suggests a wine of restraint and refinement; it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice vigor and character.


Here at FranksWine we tend to seek out wines of varietal integrity. I've had Pinot Grigios that have been sweet & fruity, dry & fruity and dry & minerally. These 2 gorgeous wines are on the dry and minerally side of the spectrum. The Pinot Grigio from Lis Neris are without a doubt the best I've had in quite some time. They are explosive with beautiful fruit and minerals and perfectly balanced.

Scott McBride will be here on North Union Street Saturday from 11:30AM - 3:30PM showing you what real PG is all about! T he FranksWine Crew will continue pouring on Sunday from 12 Noon - 4 PM! As usual there will be a nice spread of cheeses and charcuterie from our DiBruno Bros section and some dark chocolate from our Ethereal Confections cabinet to pair with the wines... and we'll have some Coldplay on the iPod!


We love good stuff here on North Union Street.


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Lis Neris 2013 Gris Pinot Grigio
Regularly Priced at $29.99
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The 2013 Gris is a single-vineyard Pinot Grigio from wind-swept vineyards near San Lorenzo in Friuli. It is barrel fermented and matured in the same barrel on the fine lees for almost one year with frequent battonage (stirring of the lees). One sip and your opinion of Pinot Grigio will be changed forever!

Very unusual aromatics. Apricot, peach, melon, papaya, spice. Silky palate and full-bodied. Very intense texture and body. Sweet fruit and lots of citrusy acidity. This is a BIG Pinot Grigio and would probably be hated by many PG lovers - atypical. Has real freshness and life with tons of mineral and a mouthwatering long finish. Finishes, eventually, with a touch of spice and minerality. Like a concentrated Pinot Grigio. Aging potential is 6 - 10 years!

Lis Neris 2014 Pinot Grigio
Regularly Priced at $24.99
$18.29 with 6-pack Sampler Case Purchase!


Pale lemon color with lots of aroma - a very different style. Very floral, with pink peppercorn spice - almost like a restrained Gewürztraminer with all those pink grapefruit and lychee notes. Full-bodied, well balanced, with good acidity to back it up. Intense mineral, too. A stellar wine, but is it a great Pinot Grigio? I'd say it's closer to a Pinot Gris. Lively, rich, and pretty damn good. Lots to enjoy here for the next 4 - 6 years!

FranksWine NERIS 6-pack Sampler!
You Get 3 Bottles of Each Wine for Only $119.99!!
You Save $44.95... That's 27% Off!!!
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